Last option to resign in two days

Last option to resign in two days
Last option to resign in two days

Maulana Fazlur Rehman says Imran Khan has the last option to resign in two daysOn November 1, a rally was held in Islamabad in which Bilawal Bhutto was also present. The rally was to be held on October 31, but the Noon League announced the postponement in which Maulana described who they are, the meeting's postponement. Maulana's statement proves that he wants to resign Imran Khan and take the NRO by pressuring the government altogether.

Before this, Maulana, Noon League, and the People's Party used wrong words against each other, and even in the face of strong opposition, they are all thieves. Maulana first took up ministries from the Noon League and raised his voice against the PPP,  Then the take ministries from the People's Party raised their voice against the Noon league. Maulana does two hunts with one arrow, Moulana gaining the world in Islam's name when Islam is a peaceful religion. These are the signs of the Great Hour.

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In a speech held in Islamabad on November 1, Bilawal Bhutto said in his speech that there was no army in the 2008 elections and in the 2013 elections, but why the military was for Imran Khan in the 2018 elections while in the 2008 elections and 2013 election, the army was in dire need because it was a time of terror. Today, Bilawal Bhutto is talking to people with smiles. Have they forgotten that they are the people who killed their grandfather and grandmother? Islam is a peaceful religion, but they do wrong in Islam's name, all the gathered to get the Prime Minister's chair. Maulana also said this in his speech, that all the people will arrest the Prime Minister together. When Maulana said this, a smile like terrorists came in the face of Bilawal Bhutto.
How can they capture the leader of 22 million peoples together with 40000 peoples?

Maulana also used the wrong words about Pakistan; Imran Khan said that I will not give him the NRO for whatever he wants in his Gilgit speech. Maulana forcibly brings children of the seminar; their parents say, "We forbade our children to go to the sit-in, but despite our refusal, the seminarians have taken them to a sit-in."

Maulana threatens Imran Khan, the noon league says that we have to get treatment out of the country, this means that they have not been able to build a hospital for themselves in the country in 31 years of government rule. If they do not trust the hospitals they have created, then where will the people get treatment?

In his speech, Shahbaz Sharif says that it is a fake government; Imran Khan runs it through magic.
Until the life of Pakistan leaves Imran Khan, we will not leave Imran Khan's life. We will not leave Imran Khan.


A media official asked people what message you would like to convey to Maulana about the sit-in,

So people have spent so much abuse on Maulana that he cannot resign from Imran Khan. They'll come to Islamabad to disturb the people, and their business will be affected, and all the shops will be closed because of this stay.
That is what people have said!

An elderly man was many waves of abuse on Maulana!
He says that I will lay down my life for Imran Khan; they cannot resign from Imran Khan.
They say we have to go out and to get treatment; they ruled for so many years.
During this time, they were unable to make anything for his treatment,
What will they make for the treatment of people!
They are all thieves!
Imran Khan gave a stay of 126 days, but Nawaz Sharif did not resign; then, Imran Khan will resign?

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New updates

I just want to tell you that the latest news has come out that some people had raised the flag of Afghanistan in the sit-in, then the police arrested everyone who had taken the flag of Afghanistan.

In addition to the sit-in, one of the sitters shouted the 'GO Nawaz GO' slogan in place of Go Imran.
On which the public made a good joke!

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